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Aspirations Early Learning Centre Philosophy

Aspirations Early Learning Centre is a space for respect, education, care, exploration, development, aroha, imbibing ethical values, inclusivity, nurture and a space for having fun.

Our remarkably holistic approach to Early Childhood Education is built on a philosophy of child-centred learning through play that embraces the great outdoors. Our balanced and wholesome approach to learning reflects those similar to the weaving of a whᾱriki where every interaction and experience will build on and connect with the other. Opportunities will be presented to children in a way where they will feel empowered by choice and self-direction and can free-flow from experience to experience as they choose. We also offer specialised experiences of music and movement and sport-based play.

Our image of a child is one of unique individuality that hold their own strengths, abilities and passions. We aim to aspire capable, competent and confident learners who support each other in building relationships with their peers, teachers and the community.

Our Teachers are facilitators who are creating life-long learners. We are passionate about building strong and close relationships with whanau and consider this to be our basic pillar of strength and togetherness.

Our ongoing respect to the Tiriti O Waitangi and the cultural diversity within our community is evident in our centre’s approach to learning. We celebrate and welcome the diverse range of values, principles and ethics that each community imparts to it’s learners.

We are proud of our robust transition to school programme that aims to inform, invest, illuminate and ignite learners that are ready to face the challenges of their new journey into a Primary School environment. We believe that having a strong and collaborative partnership with our local Primary Schools ensures a smooth transition for our children.

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